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What Would You Do With 640 Million Dollars?

For those of you who have not been watching the news lately, the Mega Millions Lottery reached a record breaking $640 million dollars. The staff at KarateMart.com couldnít help asking ourselves what we would do if we won $640 million dollars. Check out some of our ideas.

Winning $640 million dollars in just unimaginable. How would you manage your money? Would you buy a new house or car? Would you invest your money or would you donate it to charity? The staff at KarateMart.com had a wide range of ideas from becoming a philanthropist to dropping everything and traveling.

Steven would like to become a philanthropist by creating non-profit karate schools that would help less fortunate children off of the streets and into a place of discipline. He thinks that non-profit schools could help guide children while showing them how to set goals for themselves and to become one with their emotions.

Charlie would like to travel for a year to see the most breath taking sites that this world has to offer. Whether it is on tropical beaches or in winter wonder lands, he wants to see it all. After completing his travels, Charlie would like to settle down with his family overseas and open an orphanage and school where his wife can help him to teach and guide children into a successful life and career.

Bradford would also like to travel so he can expect the stresses of the working class but he doesnít rally know what he would do after that.

Juan says become a venture capitalist and the first company he would like to invest in is his brotherís landscaping company. Juan and his brother have always enjoyed the finer things in life and feel that they could really get into landscaping and gardening as a full time hobby. He loves helping others and inspiring people to reach for their dreams.

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