How to Tie a Karate Belt

Martial arts belt tying can be a complicated, time consuming procedure. With our simplified guide to tying a karate belt, you can learn quickly. This simplified guide features clear illustrations to help you learn this process and teach your child with as much ease as possible.

1. Put on your martial arts jacket.

2. Pull the right side of your jacket to the left side of your body.

3. Pull the left side of your jacket over to the right side of your body.

4. Fold your belt in half so that you can find the middle.

5. Place the middle of your belt on your naval (belly button).

6. Wrap the karate belt around your body.

7. Bring both ends of your martial arts belt back to the front of your body.

8. Pull the outer wrapped end of the karate belt under and behind the belt.

9. Flip the other end of the belt over and place the top end over the flipped end.

10. Pull the top end under and around the bottom end of the belt.

11. Pull both ends of the belt horizontally to tighten the square knot.

12. Congratulations! You have successfully tied your karate belt.