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We No Longer Ship to Kentucky

Unfortunately, due to the extreme burden of filing sales taxes with the State of Kentucky, we are no longer able to sell to this State. The cost of time and money to comply with Kentucky's tax laws is disadvantageous to us doing business there.

In order to file sales taxes in the State of Kentucky, a business must also file:

  • Annual Report
  • Corporate Income Taxes
  • Limited Liability Entity Taxes
  • Kentucky Nonresident Income Tax Withholding on Distributive Share Income Tax

This is not standard practice in any other state and puts an unnecessary burden on companies that sell there. If you do live in Kentucky, you are likely to see this as a trend in selling to your state from other online businesses. This is a real problem, but you can help. Contact your local state representative and let them know that this is a problem. With your help, Kentucky can change the way remote sales taxes are collected and filed.