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Rebreakable Board

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Rebreakable Board
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Rebreakable Board Wood Equivalents

Rebreakable Board

Price: $79.95 $64.95
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Martial artists love to break boards. It shows off your strength and skill, as well as helps with hand conditioning. If you can break a board, you can break an opponent. This is why many instructors require their students to break boards in order to advance to a new rank.

These Rebreakale Boards are a great alternative to one-time use wooden boards. Not only does the durable nylon construction allow the board pieces to separate repeatedly, but the rubber palm pad on the back allows for some cushioning for your friend who is holding onto the board you're trying to break. The key to the boards' rebreakability is the hinges that snap together easily. The longer the hinges, the harder it is to break the board apart. The boards also have the advantage of being more predictable, since the natural material of wood can be easier or harder to break depending on all sorts of factors (room temperature, soil composition, precipitation) that have nothing to do with your ability as a martial artist.

With that said, the different colors roughly correspond to different levels of board thicknesses. The green rebreakable board is the same as a single 12 inch by 12 inch pine board that is an inch thick. The blue, brown, and black rebreakable boards represent the difficulties of thicker boards and are therefore harder to break. The orange rebreakable board is measured as having the equivalent difficulty of a strip of wood measuring 12" by 7" (still one inch thick). The yellow and white breaking boards are similar, though they are increasingly easier to break. If you get multiple colors (the boards are sold separately), you can also mix up the colors a little to create intermediate levels of difficulty. The details of these equivalents are available in the sizing chart below.

If you're ready to break some boards over and over again without worry of a splinter or the cost over time, then getting boards you can break over and over again is a wise choice.

Martial Arts Rebreakable Board:

  • Available in 7 Different Colors at Different Difficulty Levels
  • Sold Individually
  • Approximately 11.5" x 9.5"

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Color (Easiest To Hardest) Wood Equivalent
White 12" x 3" Strip
Yellow 12" x 5" Strip
Orange 12" x 7" Strip
Green 12" x 12" x 1" Board
Blue 1 1/4" Board
Brown 1 3/4" Board
Black 2 1/4" Board
+   REVIEWS (1)
"I've used a bunch of the different rebreakable boards over the years and keep coming back to these because they last the longest and really do challenge my students. If you don't feel like using real wood boards, these are your best bet."
Written By: Patrick Dokins
2/17/20 - 4:18pm
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