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Ninja Diversion Stink Bomb
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Ninja Diversion Stink Bomb

Yes, I know what you are thinking....REALLY, is selling Fart Bombs??!!

Well, it may seem like a strange addition to our website, but it actually makes all the sense in the world. We sell A LOT of ninja equipment, and one of the most important things a ninja needs in his arsenal is some sort of diversionary tactic to create distractions while completing ninja missions.

These ninja diversion stink bombs are perfect for creating a distraction during your secret missions because they not only create a loud POP, but they also release a foul sulfur smell. All you do is squeeze and pop the inner pouch, which will mix the ingredients in the bag and make it start swelling until it pops moments later. Then, it begins to stink really bad!

Sold Individually

Will leave salt marks on fabric which wash out with water. We recommend only using these outdoors. DO NOT INGEST! Adult supervision is recommended.

DISCLAIMER: The Picture on our website has been censored so as not to display ripped pants with a cartoon butt, but the bags you receive will not be censored.
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"These are awesome!!! My friends and I use them just to play with lol. Cheaply priced, very effective!!!"
Written By: daniel
7/17/13 - 8:19am
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