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Five Ways to Spice up Your Next Easter Egg Hunt

Five Ways to Spice up Your Next Easter Egg Hunt

Putting money or candy in your easter eggs is old hat nowadays. Your kids want some creativity in their holiday hunt. As such, we've put together a list of alternatives to candy and money that you can put into your eggs that will not only turn your hunt up to eleven, but allow your children to experience Easter in a new way.

1. KarateMart Toys

We would be remiss if we didn't direct you to the selection of Ninja Toys that we offer on our web site. We have spent years refining our catalog to offer the most fun for your dollar when it comes to toys. Your eggs could be filled with action figures like the Ninja Paratroopers or the Inflatable Ninja. You could also put in fun toys like the Suction Cup Ninja Stars and Flying Ninja Flingers. If you're still looking for more things to put in your eggs, there are also wearable items like the Ninja Temporary Tattoos or the Deluxe Martial Arts Jelly Bracelets.

While you're ordering, you could even incorporate our Ninja Warrior Easter Eggs to amp up the ninja theme you have in mind for your Easter egg hunt.


2. Jell-O Eggs

Filling plastic eggs with gelatin is pretty easy. Just use the egg halves as moulds, snap them together when the tasty dessert hardens, and then leave them for your children to find. You can also use food dye to make them Easter colored. Or black, like a ninja. This might be a better choice for egg hunts in colder weather or indoors, where the Jell-O won't melt. Gelatin is a pretty low-calorie snack and you can even put fruit bits in to ensure children get a few extra servings for the day.


3. Trick Eggs

Fill the egg with a powder to make a flour bomb. You could also do pudding, lotion, or (if you don't care about cleanup) glitter. If you are dextrous enough, you could even set up an egg with a Ninja Tripwire Alarm to go off when it is opened. This may be better for outdoor egg hunts if your trick eggs are sticky or messy.


4. Nothing

This is similar to a trick egg. Life doesn't always give you treasure at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes hard-won victories wind up being meaningless. If you think your child is ready for this lesson, have a few empty eggs. Try not to have too many trick or empty eggs. That just makes you look like a jerk.


5. Another, Smaller Egg

The eggs are supposed to represent rebirth or fertility or something like that. If you have trouble finding a small enough chicken egg from the store, go to your local farmers market to find quail or duck eggs. Hardboiling the egg ensures that it won't get messy and that your child can safely eat it right away. If you'd rather hope that the egg will hatch into a pet or don't have time to cook, be sure to fill the plastic egg with padding around the real egg to prevent messes.

This is just a start to new ideas. As long as you keep your kids in their toes, Easter will be an exciting and engaging event.

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