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Rebreakable Board Breakdown

Rebreakable Board Breakdown

Now is the time of discovery. Specifically, your discovery of this new video we've got on breaking boards.

The importance of breaking boards does not escape us here at KarateMart. Board breaking is a time-honored tradition in many martial arts schools. While practitioners use a variety of techniques, no dojo can escape the cost problems of one-time use wooden boards. This is where rebreakable boards come in. With rebreakable boards, you can use your hand, foot, head, or any other body part to split apart the two pieces and then through some mechanism or other, rejoin the two pieces to be broken again.


Because we have a variety of rebreakable boards, we thought we'd break down the differences between them. Watch the video below to see the details on these marvelous devices:



Be sure to check out all of our breaking boards here.


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4/20/18 - 7:55am
this is a great app and lets if i win

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