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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Down To Quarterfinals

So even though I've been following this season of The Ultimate Fighter since it started, there just hasn't really been too much to talk about. Sure, there have been some interesting moments, but nothing has really grabbed me. Until now that is. With the arrival of the quarterfinals, it looks like things are finally about to get good.

Don't get me wrong, the season has been entertaining and there are a couple of potential starts in this mix. It just seems like there are also a large amount of lackluster contestants that look like they'd rather be at home watching Kung Fu Movies than actually getting in the ring.

So far I've found myself in the Junior Dos Santos camp. I liked his selection process in the first episode and I've been impressed with his attentive coaching style. Brock Lesnar on the other hand comes across as almost the exact polar opposite. At first, Lesnar seemed to be ultra methodical with the selection of his fighters but, since then, he has yet to show any genuine interest in them. The plummeting morale of Team Lesnar has been entertaining to watch though and, at long last, it finally looks as though things are starting to heat up. So pull up a grappling mat and secure your mouthguards, because things are gonna get interesting.

And for anyone interested: My money's on Ramsey Nijem.

There's a really interesting interview on the USA Today blog MMA Fighting Stances. Apparently they interview Clay Harvison, one of this season's contenders about each episode and he spills some of the beans about what really happens behind the scenes. This week centers around Len Bentley's outbursts and how it really comes across to the rest of the house. It's an interesting interview and supplements the show nicely.

Next week heralds the quarterfinal eliminations which brake down thusly:

Clay Harvison (Lesnar) vs. Ramsey Nijem (Dos Santos)
Chris Cope (Lesnar) vs. Shamar Bailey (Dos Santos)
Chuck O'Neil (Lesnar) vs. Zach Davis (Dos Santos)
Tony Ferguson (Lesnar) vs. Ryan McGillivray (Dos Santos)

I for one will definitely be there next week, hoping that Clay manages to twist an ankle getting into the ring.

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