Elite .40 Caliber 12 Inch Blowgun

Price: $12.95
Elite .40 Caliber 12 Inch Blowgun
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Elite .40 Caliber 12 Inch Blowgun

Price: $12.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA or NY. Laws vary by state and municipalities. Please check your local laws to be sure this item is legal to possess before ordering.

In a dense thicket, under cover of thick leaves and jet black night, a ninja is poised to strike. The Elite .40 Caliber 12 Inch Blowgun hangs from his gear bag, and all is still and silent. The stealthy black finish of the aluminum shaft blends into the darkness as the ninja assassin waits for the signal.

A flicker of light across the clearing beyond the trees enters the ninja's periphery. He darts across the grassland that stretches between the bushes and the pine trees behind the compound his target has been moved to for safekeeping. The blow dart gun weighs a mere half a pound, the perfect stealth weapon for moving quickly without being encumbered by heavy ninja gear. And at 12 inches long, the slender air blow gun can easily be tucked into the pocket or secured by the waist straps of a ninja uniform. Holding his ninja blowpipe, the mercenary loads the quiver with the 10 included target darts, careful not to get pricked by the sharp tips that have been dipped in a fast-acting tranquilizer. The quiver guard keeps his fingers safe from being stuck by the colorful steel darts once loaded into place.

Using a grappling hook, the stealthy ninja scales the stone wall, and with a forceful exhale through the sport blowgun's hollow tube, he takes out each guard without making a sound. The anti-inhale safety rim mouthpiece ensures that a pointed 4-inch dart isn't accidentally inhaled into the ninja's mouth or lungs. The .40 caliber blowed arrow tube has a peep sight muzzle attachment. This crosshair sight guard fits over the end opposite the mouth piece, snugly attaching to the muzzle of the outdoors blow gun. The ninja uses the circular sight to aim, hitting assailants right where he wants, be it between their eyes or between the eyes of the organization's skull logo tattooed on their necks.

The ninja assassin crouches behind the double doors at the top of the marble staircase. He pushes on one of the doors, the hinges creaking as it swings into the lavish master bedroom. The kingpin turns around, his eyes defiant, demanding to know who enters his lair without permission. A ninja star slices through the air, lodging into an armoire. Another shuriken cuts the leader's cheek and breaks a ceramic vase. The kingpin spews threats as he calls for his guards, who've been long subdued and litter the foyer. Whipping his head around, unable to follow the quick and agile ninja vigilante, he grows frustrated and fearful. The ninja brings the special ops blowgun to his mouth, the 12 inches of aluminum shaft held firmly with the cushioned grip of the black foam padded handle. Looking through the crosshairs in the peep sight, he propels his final steel dart through the blow tube. The dart penetrates the cartel leaders' skin and introduces sedating liquid. The feared kingpin and his cohorts were tied up and sleeping like tuckered out children at a slumber party when the team arrived.

The legend of the ninja assassin who took out an entire cartel stronghold with one blowgun and zero casualties is told to every ninja in training. Now every successive ninja trains with one of these 12 Inch .40 Caliber Blowguns. If this hunting weapon is good enough for a legendary ninja, perhaps it could be good enough for you, too.

Black 12-Inch Blow Gun Highlights:

  • Aluminum Body
  • Anti-Inhale Safety Mouthpiece
  • 10-Point Quiver with Guard
  • Crosshair Sight Attachment
  • Padded Foam Grip
  • Sleek Black Finish
  • Comes with 10 Steel Target Darts*
  • Overall Length: 12" (approx.)
  • Weight: 0.51lbs (approx.)
  • Dart Length: 4" (approx.)

*Color tips will vary.

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/
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