Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

New High-Impact LED Bo Staff

New High-Impact LED Bo Staff

Our forge ninjas have been hard at work and now we've got a a bo that glows in the dark. Come check it out! 

The trick to making a glowing staff is to make sure it glows bright enough and that it's not too delicate. That's what we've developed with the High-Impact LED Bo Staff. This glow staff has three color options (red, white, and blue), is virtually indestructible, and will give you hours and hours of light.


We've even got a video demonstrating the staff. Go ahead and watch it:



Let us know in the comment section below which color you like best.


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5 Comment(s)
8/14/18 - 10:21am
Hello. And Bye.
11/22/18 - 4:43am
Hi guy's Can you really use these in a real life or death battle?
KarateMart.com Team
11/23/18 - 10:37am
Yes, Tommy. This is a real weapon that can do real damage.
12/17/18 - 10:57am
I think it’s an awesome idea, but I would like to add a few ideas. Different colors that may give a color design giving a surging effect or show a design shooting through the staff similar to lightning in the sky. My other idea was just to move the light switch to the handle for easy on/off. What’s the price tag on one of these
KarateMart.com Team
12/18/18 - 10:20am
Hi Chris. Those are some ideas that our invention ninjas have been working on. You can see the price on the product page (a href="https://www.karatemart.com/polycarbonate-led-bo-staff")here(/a).

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