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Silicone Finger Strengthener

Price: $2.95
Silicone Finger Strengthener
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Silicone Finger Strengthener

Price: $2.95
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Are you plagued with weak hand strength? Do your friends and family members complain that your neck rubs are too soft? Do you fear being unable to do wrist locks or other self-defense moves because of your ineffectual grip? The time is right for you to use the Silicone Finger Strengthener to turn your weak grasp into the strongest grip you've ever had. While the lightweight silicone material of this finger strength trainer seems flimsy in its flexibility, the materials science behind it allows for the stretchy material to provide resistance that tires your hands out in the short term and ultimately strengthens them in the long run.

There are three basic resistances offered. The easiest resistance comes in lime green, which offers over six and a half pounds of resistance. Put your fingers in the four finger holes and your thumb in the slightly larger hole in the center and then spread your fingers out: it's like your fingers are lifting 6.5 lbs of weights. The Blue color hand grip exerciser represents the next level of difficulty, simulating almost nine pounds of resistance. Finally, the orange silicone hand grip strengthener represents a full 11 pounds of resistance.

The magic of science means that you can do hand grip exercises with these hand grippy things anywhere, not just where you have space to drop heavy blocks. You can even use these silicone resistance bands in space because they don't depend on gravity! Once you've strengthened your grip with these silicone resistance bands, you'll find a great increase in your hold on mountain rocks, space debris, and your would-be attacker's arm.

Silicone Finger Strengthener Highlights:

  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Three Color options:
    • Lime Green: 6.6 lbs of resistance
    • Blue: 6.8 lbs of resistance
    • Orange: 11 lbs of resistance
  • Made out of Silicone
  • Sold individually

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