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Blair Butler To Show 'Heart' In New Comic

Blair Butler of G4's 'Attack of the Show' may have gotten her start as televisions uber-fan of all things comic related, but this November she's taking her love to the ink. Read on to learn more about how the host of Fresh Ink! is hoping to bring MMA to the comic book world.

From books and video games to movies like this Summer's highly-anticipated 'Warrior', the MMA has managed to permeate every form of entertainment media. Nearly, that is. As of now, there has been no real foothold for the MMA in the realm of comic books, which is odd considered how many of the titles out there are filled with martial arts of the mixed variety. That's all set to change this November should Blair Butler have her wish.

That's when the popular comic-book reviewer from cable's G4TV will be making her comic book debut, writing a four-part miniseries entitled 'Heart', and based entirely in the MMA universe. The story will follow an up-and-coming fighter as he struggles to make a name for himself in the professional fighting world.

An excellent interview over at Comic Book Resources sheds further light on the female writer and her upcoming series. Spoiler: She's a HUGE MMA fan. A highlight from the interview:

"I'm a huge fan," Butler told CBR News. "Most of my co-workers love the NFL, but MMA is my sporting poison. I talk about Anderson Silva and GSP the way other folks talk about the Packers or the Bears, I'm like the Paul Aufiero of MMA -- he's the football-obsessed parking lot attendant in 'Big Fan.' And there's sort of an interesting analogy to be made to superhero comics and mixed martial arts, if Batman or The Punisher were real, they'd likely be training MMA to get in proper crime-fighting shape. The Huntress would be subduing muggers with a rear naked choke or a spinning backfist."

The potential for real gut-wrenching stories to be told through the backdrop of an MMA world is, so far, an untapped avenue. Here's hoping Blair can pull off a knock-out when the first issue published by Image hits this November.

To check out the entire interview, stop by Comic Book Resource. It's a great read.

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