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Get Free Stuff! Social Media Influencers Wanted!

Get Free Stuff! Social Media Influencers Wanted!
Can you make high-quality videos? Do you have a large social media following? Use your talents to gain exposure and get free stuff from KarateMart.com!

We're so busy designing and making new weapons that we don't have the time to make cool videos that show off what we've made. This is why we are currently on the lookout for new social media influencers to show off our weapons and gear.

As has long been the case, we have been open to sending cool weapons to people with a large social media following on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. The larger your following, the more likely we will send you something. We typically don't consider those who have fewer than 10,000 subscribers and prefer those who have a following in our demographic.

Even if you don't have a large social media following, we're also looking for people who can make professional-looking videos for our website and social media channels. Maybe you're a competent videographer or a student becoming the next generation's leader in filming. If you can make striking, craftful videos, we are interested in harvesting your talent, even if you don't have a strong social media following.

Here are a couple of examples:

As you can see, we're looking for something more creative than just a one-take shot of you with the weapon. These videos may be used on the KarateMart social media page, our website (product videos/banners) and in advertisements. If you're interested, drop an email to Social@KarateMart.com. If selected, we will send you free items to be featured in your videos based on your interests and skills.

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3 Comment(s)
1/23/20 - 1:39pm
would love to do a product review even if i have to pay products look amazing keep up the great work ....spiderman1214u ig ........ bushwick random youtube
Michael Saucier
3/5/20 - 9:31am
I Love a bo staff I want to be a spy ninja just like Chad Wild Clay
4/10/20 - 12:12pm
Hello Karate Mart. I'm a Filipino Martial Arts practitioner, mainly specializing in Modern Arnis. I saw some of your items that interested me and then I saw that you were looking for people to do reviews and demos. I would love to be able to review to showoff some of your items. I will also be emailing you guys and include links to videos I've done before as well as other qualifications. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you guys soon.

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