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How to Defend Yourself Against a Big Guy

How to Defend Yourself Against a Big Guy

Nobody wants to get in a fight with an oversized opponent. But, when someone bigger and stronger is menacing you "in the streets," you need to defend yourself. That's why Jake Mace recently put out a video demonstrating four techniques to help you get out of that situation safely and with your dignity intact.

Longtime fans of our blog will even notice that the "big guy" Jake is throwing down with is KarateMart's very own Kyle. Kyle insists that he was "faking" the looks of pain on his face for the sake of the demonstration video. How gracious of you, Kyle.

You can view the video below:



As always, check Jake out at jakemace.com or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Marcus Tuttle
4/29/16 - 2:00pm
Hahaha! Awesome. Way to ragdoll, Kyle.

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