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Which Weapon Would You Choose To Defend Yourself?

Which Weapon Would You Choose To Defend Yourself?
This week for Weapons Wednesday, Amanda brought me more new items to review, including a naginata, stun guns, ninja stars and butterfly knives. Watch the video to see me test out all of these new weapons.

The first package I opened contained the Mini Stun Gun. This tiny stun gun is only about the size of a USB flash drive, but contains a powerful jolt of electricity. My concern with these small stun guns is always that they may not be powerful enough to fend off an attacker, so we made sure to test it to see how powerful it really is. Watch the video to see my full review of this tiny stun gun.

The second package I opened contained the Blue Helix Butterfly Trainer and the Steel Helix Butterfly Trainer. Both of these practice balisong have a very unique style with a spiral handle. The blades are unsharpened, which is excellent for someone who is just learning the butterfly knives and it features a standard latch and rivets instead of screws. I absolutely love these balisong for a number of reasons, but watch the video to see me test them out.

The third weapon I reviewed was the Titan Stun Baton. There are some things I really love about this particular stun baton. For one, it is made from a very durable aircraft aluminum which gives it a good weight to be used for striking as a baton type weapon. I also really like the fact that the manufacturer did not state the number of volts for this particular stun gun. In general, manufacturers put a voltage on their products that are not always accurate, so it is nice to not see some bloated voltage number on the packaging. But, because of that, it was important to test it out to see how powerful it really is. Watch the video to see me get stunned!

Next, I reviewed the Hidden Blade Bullet Necklace. This interesting hidden weapon is a replica of a .30-06 Springfield cartridge and contains a hidden blade on the inside of the bullet. I really like the look of this necklace and appreciate the fact that it utilizes a breakaway chain, but the knife is a little short to be used for actual self-defense purposes. Watch the video to see my fair review of this product.

The next weapons I tested out were throwing stars that come in four different colors. The Gold Ninja Star Set, Silver Ninja Star Set, Titanium Finish Ninja Star Set and the Black Ninja Star Set all contain four 5-point stars with a 4" diameter. Because of their size and weight, these really are the perfect stars for beginners. Watch the video to see me test them out.

The last weapon I reviewed was the Stealth Spartan Naginata. This modern version of a naginata mixed with a spartan sword makes an extraordinary weapon that was a blast to test out. At approximately 40" long, this large bladed weapon has a 1065 carbon steel blade and a nylon fiber handle, making this a very durable weapon with a very long reach. In order to test it out properly, I sliced a number of items, so make sure to watch the video to see how it performs.

Here's the video:

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