Watch the Collapsible Bo Staff in Action!

New Bolas Video!

New Bolas Video!

 Non-lethal weapons are all the rage nowadays, especially if you want to be an upstanding hero who captures and incapacitates fleeing culprits without killing them or endangering nearby civiliants. Now KarateMart makes a series of entangling weapons called bolas for just that very purpose!

Classically, the bolas or boleadoras were used by South American cowboys to capture cattle and large flightless birds called rheas. While these bolas were made from leather and rocks, at KarateMart we decided to use modern materials to create stronger and more durable versions.


Both the Double Steel Ball Bola and the Triple Steel Ball Bola use stainless steel chain to connect solid steel balls. The lighter Corded Triple Ball Bola uses black paracord to connect the steel balls, which makes it lighter and faster. So, you know, you've got options.

In the video below, we cover some of the benefits of bolas and then, in KarateMart fashion, try them out in the parking lot.



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