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Which is Stronger? Solid Aluminum vs Steel Bo Staff - Watch the Video

Which is Stronger? Solid Aluminum vs Steel Bo Staff - Watch the Video

So it has come to this. Our new Solid Aluminum Hexagon Bo Staff has faced the test against the Steel Bo Staff. But what are the results? Come check out what happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force.

It is not every day that you see a bo staff battle like this. You already know that our metal weapons are incredibly strong, but there is always the lingering question about how well they do against each other. In a previous blog entry, we presented a bo staff fight that pitted the Steel Bo Staff against the High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff. At the time, it seemed like it might be a close fight. After all, both were made of strong metals, they both had machined grips, and they both were hand-crafted in our ninja forges, right here in the United States.

But, although neither metal weapon was destroyed, the Steel Bo Staff came out the winner. It had fewer marks and dings on it. Those that were there could easily be taken out with steel wool. It held up "quite well" while, as KarateMart's resident Bojutsu Enthusiast explained, the High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff "has a lot of extra marks and dings and scratches. Definitely something that really messes with the aesthetic of it." After that encounter, Matt recommended using wooden staffs against the High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff, rather than metal.

That brings us to today's battle. Matt and Kyle faced off again, this time pitting the Steel Bo Staff against our newest metal weapon, the Solid Aluminum Hexagon Bo Staff. While made of aluminum, our new hex staff has the advantage of being a solid piece of metal, rather than a hollow pipe. In the same way that the Steel Bo Staff trains you to apply more force to your moves, the Solid Aluminum Hexagon Bo Staff carries some weight to it. The rubber grip might also play a role in protecting both staffs from damage during the bo staff fight. Check out the bo staff fight below:



So, how did the challenger staff do with our previous victor in this epic bo staff battle? In some ways, it benefitted in the ways we thought. The solid aluminum staff was sturdier than the high strength aluminum staff. The rubber grip also helped protect against dings in the center of the staff. But the rubber grip took some damage to itself as well. On top of that, the new aluminum bo ended up being just as marked up as the previous aluminum bo. In our new bo staff battle, most of these marks ended up being located on the corners of the hexagonal staff.

But what about the Steel Bo Staff? It may have won out, but is this a pyrrhic victory? No. The Steel Bo Staff wins. It wins every time. The shallow scuff marks we found on the Steel Bo were so superficial that they would be easy to remove with some steel wool and elbow grease. As Corbin explains in the video above, "the blemishes are the blood of its enemies."

Both the Steel Bo Staff and the Solid Aluminum Bo Staff are heavy-duty martial arts weapons. The metal is tough and can take a lot of abuse. But when it comes to fighting against other metal weapons, the Steel Bo Staff is still the best. Let the Solid Aluminum Hexagon Bo Staff work against wooden or rattan bos, or maybe even the flesh of your sparring partners. But only the Steel Bo Staff can win against another metal staff.

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