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New M-1 Project Brings Us One Step Closer To Thunderdome

New M-1 Project Brings Us One Step Closer To Thunderdome
What do you get when you take a healthy handful of mixed martial arts and slather it with accoutrements that look fresh from a Game of Thrones battle? M-1, the Russia-based MMA organizer, knows the answer and they have dubbed it M-1 Medieval.

Prithee read on good Sir, drink heavily the bard's news of weapons combat and feast upon the glorious video coverage herein.

With the steady surge of popularity in both Mixed Martial Arts and medieval fantasy, is it any real surprise that an MMA promoter decided to test out the combination?

Make no mistake, this isn't just a couple of tunic-clad brawlers going at it in your standard octagon. Warriors competing in the M-1 Medieval don actual metal armor and take both sword and shield into hand. Of course the sword is a replica, blunted to prevent serious wounding, but the armor looks every bit as bulky and awkward as you'd imagine. And those shield strikes don't look to pleasant either.

While it will certainly be interesting to see what, if anything, comes from M-1's experiment, we won't be cancelling our HBO subscriptions just yet. Unless The Mountain enters a match. Then, TAKE OUR MONEY!

Sadly, we may only provide you the link to one bout of M1 Medieval. It's well worth a look though. The official start date of the project is still pending as of this writing.

Source: M-1 Global Television

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