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Ninja Gaiden Fans Rejoice, New Screenshots Abound!

If last weeks post regarding the newest Shinobi installment on the 3DS did little to impress you, perhaps that's because you're part of the Ninja Gaiden Fan-base. How do you know you are? Well apart from having a hefty appetite for super-human acrobatics and visceral violence, you also have a teeny masochistic streak in you because you don't mind tackling levels and bosses that only cyborgs were meant to triumph over. If these screenshots found at the Joystiq Blog are any indication, you will definitely be having your work cut out for you come next year.

***WARNING*** We've also included a 'Mature' teaser trailer that was released during this year's Game Developer's Conference to whet your appetite. Only those of the appropriate age will able to view it.

To check out the brand new screens that Famitsu just posted, check out the Joystiq Blog. To hold yourself over until 2012, you can always check out our ninja weapons like the Shirasaya Ninja Sword or the Ultimate Ninja Sword. The game is slated to come out for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

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