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Four Ninja Costumes We Guarantee You've Never Seen Before!

Halloween is where it's at. I dare you to name one other time when you can dress as foolish as you like and be rewarded for it. (And no, Mardi Gras doesn't count smarty-pants)

In case you couldn't tell, we love Halloween at KarateMart.com. So much so that we put our best guys on developing these four totally unique, one-of-a-kind, KarateMart.com exclusive, ninja costumes. Want to stand out from the zillion other ninjas that'll be prowling the rooftops on Halloween night? Give one of these a try. But be warned. These costumes are pretty extreme. Only the hardest of hardcore-ninja fans need read on further.

1) Pirate Ninja Costume

The eternal question of who prevails between Pirates and Ninjas has plagued historians for as long as there have been pirates...and ninjas. Well this costume arose when we simply asked ourselves 'What do you get when you combine the sheer awesomeness of a ninja with the dirty craftiness of pirate?'. Why, a Pirate Ninja of course!

The debate ends here as far as we're concerned. Want to know what being two icons of awesomeness at the same time feels like? Try this one on my friend. Try this one on.

2) Cyborg Ninja Costume

If the thought of The T-800 going back in time and becoming a cybernetic ninja assassin terrifies you to your core, you're not alone. To be perfectly honest, this writer is still haunted by images of this metal monster creeping in the nightly shadows.

Totally for the hardcore sci-fi/ninja fans, this costume is what nightmares are made of. Pick one up and be forever content with the fact that you've made the right choice.

3) Biohazard Ninja Costume

If there's one thing scarier than the Cyborg Ninja it's the Biohazard Ninja. Seriously. Look at this guy. He looks like he just jumped out of a Rob Zombie movie. If you want to keep the creepiness at a 10, get this costume. Oh, did we mention the mask is an actual functioning Czech issue gas mask? Yeah, sold.

4) Ninja Cowboy

YEE-HAW! Ninja Cowboy! First one to post the movie that quote's from in the comments below gets a free box of chalk! If you wanna wrassle up some shoguns or herd some pirates this Halloween, then this costume's for you pardner. Ride off into the Halloween sunset like a real shadow warrior, and try not to start too much trouble, y'hear?

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