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Ninja Turtles Fan Film Will Have September Debut

If this week's Ninja Turtle comic just wasn't enough for you (I'm right there with ya buddy), then check out the latest news regarding the highly anticipated fan film devoted almost entirely to Casey Jones. If you don't remember who Casey Jones is, shame on you. Continue reading to learn more about this ambitious fan project.

Director Polaris Banks has taken the better part of two years piecing together his short film that will try to tell the story of everyone's favorite hockey-masked vigilante on September 17th this year. The film, which originally began as a two minute 'trailer' quickly grew to a greater and greater length until finally reaching its current 35 minute heft.

The trailer definitely gets me excited enough to want to see the full movie, and it's an impressive feat to just get a project like this done in the first place. A site has been set up already in anticipation of the new movie over at CaseyJonesthemovie.com.

Stay tuned to the blog here for any additional news about the movie.

Speaking of movies, have you gotten a chance to take look at our award winning attempt at animation?

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