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Exciting New Products Debut At KarateMart.Com

As many of our returning customers have already found out, Karatemart.com's shelves are constantly growing with new products. We take pride in the fact that, many times, our visitors won't be visiting the exact same store twice. Whether it's a simply a few new throwing stars or a slew of martial arts themed toys, we want to make sure our customers have a steady variety of new and interesting items to peruse. It's what makes us different.

This week we wanted to highlight some of the cool new items landing in the store. First up, we have a unique take on the defensive weapon with the Steel Monkey Fist Keychain.

You're probably more used to seeing the usual ribbed grip kubotan keychain that has been so popular, but here's something new. This odd little key-chain might look like it would be more at home dangling from a cat's mouth than from your car keys, but trust us, this thing packs a hidden whallop. The harmless tangle of nylon cord actually conceals a weighted steel ball that will put a serious hurt on anybody it's swung at. Couple that with the fact that there's a good six-inches worth of cord that the ball swings from and you have the ability to crack a skull in the palm of your hand. No joke. This one is perfect for any guy or girl that just wants some peace of mind.

Next up, something for those of you stocking up for the zombie apocalypse.

What's that you say? You've always wanted your very own Anti-Zombie Kukri Knife Set just like in the Resident Evil movies? Well worry no more, KarateMart has your zombie slaying/Milla Jovovich fantasies covered. These wicked looking kukri measure in at fifteen-inches long and even come with their trademark holsters. Quick tip: If you want to make sure you're the most genuine 'Alice' at this year's Halloween parties, gear up now, because we don't know how long these will last.

Speaking of early Halloween ideas, we just got a huge selection of ninja costumes in that will easily set you apart from the rest of the ninjas this year.

Is the traditional black ninja uniform sooo last century? We stocked up on these new ninja gi variations to provide a little something different for those ninjas that like to do anything but remain in the shadows. The white ninja uniform will be absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to put together a sharp looking Storm Shadow costume this season. Heck, this uniform looks awesome even if it's not for Halloween.

This red ninja costume is reserved for the deadliest ninjas of all. They care not who sees them. In fact, they prefer to be seen. That way their victims can come to them. Honestly, who wants to trifle with a ninja that wants to be seen?

Taking a page from the traditional ninja book with a new-school twist, the camouflage ninja uniform is designed for those practicing their ninjutsu in a heavily wooded area. This outfit may come across as slightly unconventional if you're used to seeing black clad warriors prowling the rooftops in ninja tabi boots, but this really is the outfit of choice for ninja whose prey has taken to the forests.

So that about wraps it up for this KarateMart.com update. Make sure to check back often either on the KarateMart Blog or the store homepage for all of the latest info. New items spring up so frequently that it's hard to keep up with them sometimes. Don't worry though, we'll try to make posts like this often to highlight some of the more intriguing items we get in.

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