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Our Amazing New Brand Ambassador: Shinobi Sean

Our Amazing New Brand Ambassador: Shinobi Sean

We sell lots of products here at KarateMart. But we are often so busy designing new weapons and simply running our website for our loyal customers that we don't devote enough time and energy to show off our weapons and what awesome ninja moves can be done with our exclusive weapons. This is why we are proud to present to you Shinobi Sean, Karate Mart's newest brand ambassador. But who is Shinobi Sean? What makes him so special?


We first found Shinobi Sean on Instagram and liked his cool moves and awesome ninja cosplay. Sean performs some impressive moves with and without ninja weapons. We sat down with Sean to ask him a few questions about who he is and what he's about.

A native of California, Sean is a real-life ninja in training. He began his passion for martial arts as a child, training first in Tae Kwon Do and then more recently learning from a Tang Soo Do instructor. He has an intense fitness routine and trains every day, researching different styles and techniques on places like YouTube and applying them to his daily training routine. "I know I have a long way to go," he says, "but it's all about the journey, and it's one that I'm excited to be on every day." His inspirations range from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to Spider-Man and Blade (you might notice that Shinobi Sean has a passing resemblance to a certain actor whose name rhymes with "freshly hypes").


This is KarateMart, not workers-compensation mart

More recently, Sean has begun dabbling in cosplay, appearing at Ninja-Con 2016 as an urban ninja. His popularity as a ninja cosplayer has skyrocketed from there, he says. "Honestly, I've been a big fan of anime and cosplay since I was a little kid, but never had the confidence to try it out." In addition to ninja cosplay and being KarateMart's elite brand ambassador, Shinobi Sean hopes to use his martial arts training to take his acting and stuntman career off to new heights. 2017, he says, will be his year. Our ninja cosplayer hopes to one day get a principle roll in an action movie where he can fully showcase his martial arts skills.


What will Shinobi Sean do as our new brand ambassador? It's simple: he will show off some of the things we make and sell at KarateMart.com. He will be able to apply some of the lessons he learned. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and YouTube to see what sort of creative moves he'll do with, say, our Collapsible Bo Staff, High Strength Aluminum Bo Staff, and other ninja weapons we will release as the year unfolds.


For now, take a look at the video below to get a taste of the sorts of things Shinobi Sean does with ninja weapons.



Make sure you subscribe to him on Instagram and YouTube, where you can see some of his martial arts and ninja cosplayer work. Also be sure to show Sean lots of love in the comments section below, as well as on social media by congratulating him on being one of KarateMart's elite brand ambassadors!

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11 Comment(s)
2/2/17 - 8:23am
Congratulations (and cool costume!)
4/11/17 - 5:32pm
Do you know where I could possibly find a mask like that? I have been looking for one like that for awhile now...
4/18/17 - 6:34pm
i need a costume like that!
4/22/17 - 8:16am
Jedi anyone?
6/16/17 - 7:14pm
Shinobi Sean is a pro!
6/17/17 - 6:21pm
ok thank you
7/14/17 - 12:16pm
Where do you find the mask and sword holders they are cool oh and nice moves
Lock in
7/18/17 - 1:53pm
Ninja outlaw
8/1/17 - 3:15am
Good stuff Bro, insane moves right there
8/1/17 - 4:18am
2/23/20 - 4:12pm
Hello. And Bye.

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