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The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Is Here!

Didn't want to wait another day before laying eyes on the new Ninja Turtles trailer? Yeah, neither did we.

Luckily, the internets heard our cries and obliged us by releasing the first peeks at our mutant heroes this morning. The end result? It's...interesting.

Since I'm not spoiling anything that you can't find out for yourself in exactly 1:30 by clicking the video above, I'll go ahead and mention a few points which stood out. Not coincidentally, these are also the two biggest criticisms being howled about on comments boards everywhere.

Firstly, the turtles are HUGE. Massive even. Like, T-bone a Humvee and crush it like a Dixie cup massive. Bad? Not necessarily. As a longtime Turtle fan, it's actually kind of cool to see the new Turtle design leaning towards a more imposing/semi-realistic one. It adds an element of seriousness to the turtles which previous iterations lacked. Thankfully, the final shot gives us a reassuring glimpse at the humor we've come to expect from the Teenagers.

Second possible point of contention? The origin of the Turtles. While still just a trailer, it would seem that the Shredder is responsible for the Turtles' mutation (along with help from April's father). It's definitely a change from the random meeting with Mutagen that has been responsible for the Turtles mutation. As with any re-boot, changes in canon are to be expected. With the story looking to be heavily focused on April O'Neil, this is most likely just a way to make things much more personal for April (and the audience). Although, it does leave a Turtle fan wondering how, or even if, the Splinter/Shredder conflict will be addressed. A deal breaker? Not necessarily.

So now that we've finally had an answer to what has amounted to nearly a year's worth of questions, what do YOU think? Is the Turtle design too much? Has the origin story already been ruined? Can't believe April's hair isn't red?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We love to hear from you!

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