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What are Trick Chucks?

What are Trick Chucks?

KarateMart has some new trick chucks available now, but if you are unfamiliar with what tricking even means, you might not know what they're for. Luckily, KarateMart is here to help.

Nunchaku are very popular martial arts weapons. We know, because we sell a ton of them. We also make some in our own ninja forges here in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to the many nunchaku that we make and sell for training and self defense, we also have the Aluminum Trick Chucks, a set of ultra-thin nunchaku. The half inch diameter means that, even though the trick chucks are great for fast movements, they're not so ideal for self-defense.


More recently, we've added two new sets of trick chucks: the Hexagonal Trick Chucks: and the Hexagonal Gripped Trick Chucks. These new chucks are similar to the Aluminum Trick Chucks in diameter in composition and length, but differ in the hexagonal circumference, which is better suited to the human grip.


In the video below, our dedicated staff goes above the call of duty to explain the features of KarateMart's trick chucks. We even hired a ninja to demonstrate


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