Interchangeable Warhawk Butterfly Trainer

Price: $21.95
Interchangeable Warhawk Butterfly Trainer
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Interchangeable Warhawk Butterfly Trainer

Price: $21.95
Have you seen special operative pilots flipping their knives out with stylized tricks and always wanted to try? Now you can get your own Interchangeable Warhawk Butterfly Trainer to practice your flips and spins without worry of slicing a hand in half. This two-in-one combo includes an attachment for the Warhawk design hair comb and unsharpened balisong blade that both fasten to the handle, so you can choose which will accompany you as you take off.

The balisong is a knife that has the distinct feature of a blade that pivots around and folds into the handles. They are the pocket knife of choice for those that want a weapon that is concealed one minute and flipping around in their enemy's face the next. But the traditional knife edges are sharp and not ideal for someone learning to spin tricks, or someone who cannot carry a sharp knife around, or anyone who needs to smooth their locks throughout the day. This 6.2-ounce butterfly trainer with two unsharpened attachments makes it easy to have the practice tool in your pocket wherever you are flying.

While most practice balisongs are fitted with either an unsharpened blade or a comb, this interchangeable handle allows you to attach either, be it the Warhawk comb, the Warhawk dull blade, or part of a different interchangeable set. The innovative pins near the top take a simple push to move the securing lock out of the way so you can remove the 'blade' or comb. Then you just make sure the pin opens back to lock the next one in place, and you're ready to flip some tricks! The swinging latch at the bottom is also engineered to be easy, as you just squeeze the handles to allow a spring to pull the latch out, so your handles can open and shut with ease. The black latch-lock has a tuning screw, so you can make it more or less tight, depending on your preference. Once the handles are unlocked and the balisong opens to 9.5 inches, you're free to swing the comb around in style and give yourself a sleek greaser hairdo!

The cartoon smile on this stainless steel butterfly trainer comes from the P-40 Warhawk fighter planes of WWII. Originally a British design, the grinning decal was a way to signal allies who the plane belonged to, and a tongue-in-cheek smirk to the enemies below. While many different variations of this 'shark tooth' smile were used, this print has stuck and can be found on war memorabilia everywhere. This Warhawk design is the perfect addition to a butterfly knife blade, and will make your audience smile once you flip your practice version out of the handle. And butterfly knives were popular among soldiers stationed in Southeast Asia, which is why they spread back to the US and around the globe after fighters would take some home. This training balisong is just 6 inches when folded, so it will fit nicely in your pocket. Getting good at one hand is cool, but mastering a flip trick in both hands is for a true Ace!

This interchangeable handle and blade/comb butterfly knife combo will fit with other interchangeable parts as you collect more sets. The Warhawk print is sure to be a rare and desirable addition to that collection! Take home yours today so you can start showing off your butterfly flip moves like the Figure 8 and the Thumb Rollover tomorrow!

Interchangeable Warhawk Butterfly Trainer Highlights:

  • 440 Stainless Steel
  • Unsharpened Blade and Comb
  • Black Inlays on White Handle
  • Curved Handle with Matching Curved Blades
  • Spring Release Latch Lock
  • Folded Length: 6" (approx.)
  • Blade/Comb Length: 4" (approx.)
  • Unfolded Length: 9 1/2" (approx.)
  • Total Weight Handle with Blade/Comb: 6.2oz (approx.)
  • Locking Push Pin Connectors
  • Innovative Snapping Design for Quick Change
  • Vented Handle for Balanced Weight
  • Perfect Fidget Spinner for Gamers!
  • Interchangeable with Other CSGO Attachments!

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