Three-Section Converta-Staff (6 Ft)

Price: $69.95
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Three-Section Converta-Staff (6 Ft)
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Three-Section Converta-Staff (6 Ft)

Price: $69.95
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If you're an ambitious martial artist, training with just one martial arts weapon isn't enough for you. From staves to chain weapons, you strive to master them all. With your collection of nunchucks, arnis sticks, and other martial arts weapons growing, however, you may fear that your expenses or spatial needs can't keep up with your love of weapons training. Worry not! This Three-Section Converta-Staff is a two-in-one martial arts weapon that combines a three section staff with a bo staff!

Excellent for building dexterity, strength, and coordination, weapons training is a feature of many schools of martial arts. Outside of the dojo, weapons skills translate to practical self-defense abilities, whether wielding a weapon or not. Whatever you seek to gain from practicing with martial arts weapons, this converting 3 section bo staff will help you to achieve your goals! Also known as sansetsukons, 3-section staffs are notoriously difficult weapons to master. With three sections connected by chains, sansetsukons are also known as triple nunchaku due to their similarity to nunchucks. Applicable at long, medium, and short ranges, three section staffs are versatile weapons that allow for a variety of attacks, but pose a challenge in controlling the independent sections. Much less a complex design than a 3 section staff, a bo staff is a long rod. Its simplicity, however, does not detract from its capabilities. Used in sweeps, strikes, and blocks, bo and jo staffs are also effective training and self-defense weapons for martial artists!

This two-in-one weapon serves as both a bo staff or a san setsu kon depending on your needs. In sansetsukon form, this martial arts weapon has three 24" long sections that are 1.25" in diameter. The sections are connected by 5" long metal ball-bearing swivel chains to accommodate the complex spinning techniques of your kata or training. Overall, this san setsu kon is 82" - nearly 7 feet long! To convert this 3-section staff to bo form, simply screw the sections together at the chain connectors, the chains disappearing into the shaft. This sturdy screw mechanism keeps the sections firmly connected, allowing you to confidently swing your bo staff around during your martial arts practices or demonstrations. This converting bo staff nearly 6 feet long overall. When you are done training, you can unscrew the sections to return this martial arts staff to its portable three-section staff form. This compact design is great for conserving space or bringing this weapon to your next martial arts competition!

Constructed from aluminum, this metal three-section bo staff is great for training endurance and control. Weighing 2 lbs 5.0 oz overall, this metal sansetuskon bo will push you in developing your speed and strength. The three sections of this aluminum martial arts weapon have a smooth black finish. With machined grips at the ends of the handles, you won't have to worry about losing your hold as you practice your swinging, spinning, and striking techniques!

Whether you're a curious martial arts weapons collector or a determined martial artist seeking to train with triple nunchakus and bo staffs, these converting metal martial arts weapons for you! Get this Three Section Converta-Staff and start building your weapon skills or collection today!

Three Section Converta-Staff Highlights:
  • Constructed from Lightweight Aluminum
  • Smooth and Sleek Black Finish
  • Metal Ball-Bearing Swivel Chains
  • Machined Grips for Secure Hold
  • Secure Screwing Connection Mechanism
  • Bo Staff Length: Approx. 71"
  • Sansetsukon Length: Approx. 82"
  • Section Length: Approx. 24"
  • Handle/Staff Diameter: Approx. 1.25"
  • Chain Connector Length: Approx. 5"
  • Overall Weight: Approx. 2 lbs 5.0 oz
  • Easily Converts from a Three-Section Staff to a Bo Staff!

Disclaimer: Because these Three-Section Converta-Staffs are crafted from aluminum, they can dent from impact.

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"For the price, this is a great staff. The one thing I truly don't care for is how loud it is. The chains holding the 3 peices together slide around every spin or movement. I was able to simply unscrew the screws on the ends of the staff and take them out. Now it is 3 separate parts to the staff. Screw them together and the staff is great. Pretty light and hollow making spinning and strikes very comfortable. Not too bad of a buy with minor fixing."
Written By: TallPaul
6/23/16 - 9:59am
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