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What Can You Do with a Grappling Hook?

What Can You Do with a Grappling Hook?

Who is brave enough to put their bodies on the line to test our ninja accessories? We are.

At KarateMart.com, we sell the Ninja Grappling Hook. This ninja accessory has a long tradition around the world, though the it is strongly associated with feudal Japan, when ninja assassins would scale castle walls with kaginawa to assassinate powerful enemies.


We no longer live in an era when assassinations are a regular part of the political arena, but grapnel hooks are still useful tools. In addition to climbing up buildings, trees, cliffs, and pallet racks, here are some things you can do with a ninja grappling hook:


  • You can dredge for items dropped in a hole or underwater
  • You can set off tripwires from a distance
  • You can drag items like bodies, small vehicles, office furniture, and bales of hay
  • You can secure a boat for the night
  • You can hanging your clothes or armor
  • You can throw it at someone to wound them


In the following video, we demonstrate two of these uses



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