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Chinese Hook Swords and Other Deadly Weapons!

Chinese Hook Swords and Other Deadly Weapons!
This week for Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at the Chinese Hook Swords as well as other new deadly weapons. Everything from a dagger to an ulu knife, we tested all of them out to see what they can do. See the video to find out what these weapons are!

For the first weapon I reviewed, we checked out the Military Trench Dagger. We have started carrying much more trench knives due to this popularity, and this one has some very interesting features. The solid brass handle has US 1918 stamped on it to represent the Mark 1 trench knife from World War 1. The blade on this weapon is also very stunning. The 1095 high carbon steel blade has been heat treated with chemicals to give it a unique blue looking blade with a patina design. The weapon also features a very sturdy skull crusher spike that will break just about anything, even cement! View the video to see how awesome this trench knife is!

Next we took a look at the Death Claw Ulu Knife. Wow, this thing is intimidating! The stainless steel blade it razor sharp and can be held in multiple different grips. It is also full tang that goes straight into the black pakkawood handle. The knife also features a false edge on the back and comes with a genuine leather sheath. Check out the video to see how intimidating this blade really is.

The third weapon I tested out was the Nightmare Mini Cleaver. This cleaver style blade is made out of a stainless steel and features a black bone handle to really make the contrast pop. The blade and the tip of the weapon is also very sharp that make it useful for chopping and slicing. It also has a very nice leather sheath so you can take it everywhere with you. Watch the video to see this small and useful weapon.

For the last weapon, I checked out the Chinese Hook Swords and the Black Chinese Hook Swords. These weapons are very cool due to the rich history that these weapons possess. They are also very popular in many different martial arts movies, manga and shows such at Mortal Kombat and Shang-Chi. There are many different variations of these swords, but these specific ones have a sharp outer hook, sharp inner blade and a sharp crescent hand guard. The 440 stainless steel blades have a nylon rope along the handle that makes them comfortable to use these weapons. The nice thing about these hook swords is that they also come in a pair. See the video to see these hook swords in action!

Here's the video:

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