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Introducing: Jake Mace, Instructor of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, QiGong & More

Introducing: Jake Mace, Instructor of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, QiGong & More

Jake Mace has been a full-time teacher of Tai Chi for more than a decade. His goal is to offer his students the traditions, techniques, skills and health that he has attained through Kung Fu, Tai Chi and QiGong. Jake is also an environmentalist, vegan, urban farmer and gardener, energy conservationist, animal and human rights activist inspiring people and raising awareness for environmental, human and animal, and energy causes. Jake raises awareness for the Earth, animals, people, and energy by leading workshops, leading seminars, producing videos, and living an example of the life he teaches.

Mainly, though, Jake Mace is known for his extremely popular free martial arts instructional YouTube videos (over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views), as well as his premium DVDs -- available at the links above each YouTube video sample in this blog post. Very recently, Jake released his own product review of our KarateMart.com exclusive collapsible bo staff, so we thought it would be fun to introduce you to this dynamic martial artist. A few samples of his DVDs and YouTube videos are listed below for your viewing pleasure. Join the conversation by leaving a comment below and letting us know what you've been learning from Jake's instruction!


Combative Tai Chi with Jake Mace (DVD)

Tai Chi Yang Style with Jake Mace (2 DVDs)

Iron Bone Training with Jake Mace (DVD)

Be sure to check Jake out at jakemace.com or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jake Mace
1/14/16 - 11:38am
Great Page Guys! So good to be on the KarateMart.com site! :)

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