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Deadliest Kung Fu Weapon Challenge

Deadliest Kung Fu Weapon Challenge
Which weapon would be the deadliest in battle? You have to help decide! Our host this week is Sifu Rick who can show us how to really use some of the traditional weapons. Be it for fitness, self-mastery, or just looking cool with some steel, check out the video and the weapons to find which one you're going to take home!

Aluminum Dragon Fan:

These classic Kung Fu weapons were a functional EDC weapon that could be used in a moment of vulnerability. Not only are they lightweight enough to be carried around with ease, the way that they unfold and become a weapon is one of the most unique items around. Great for display, a hot day, or keeping would-be attackers at bay, these sturdy aluminum fans are a great choice for your martial arts arsenal!

Indestructible Plastic Hook Cane:

This walking stick is made from a modern material that is going to last through some epic strikes. The hooked curve of the handle is a fantastic weapon to get the point across. Many people love walking sticks and canes for protection because of their long reach and functional use as a walking aid, and this polypropylene version is no different. This cane comes with a rubber stopper and is matte black to match with any outfit as you go about your day.

Chinese Hook Swords:

We don't have to say much, and Sifu Rick says the rest! You'll notice he already has a set on his wall behind him, showing how epic and cool this twin sword set will look on your wall. And in your hand, they are possibility the deadliest. A favorite of kung fu movies from any era, as well as with warriors who used them back in the day, these hooked cane swords are as iconic in kung fu as the nunchaku. After a spot of history, Sifu Rick shares some wisdom on the actual uses of these blades that differ from any other type of sword. And you can see how much range and space they take up when they are swung around. What a sight to behold!

Go vote on which weapon is your favorite, and then check out the video to see the demonstration by the kung fu man himself! Sifu Rick certainly knows what he is doing, so take caution when you get your weapons and start trying these same moves. Moving slowly is better than moving quickly with poor direction

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