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Make Your Own Master Wu Halloween Costume

Make Your Own Master Wu Halloween Costume
Are you looking for a great martial arts Halloween costume? As part of our series on Do-It-Yourself costumes, we decided to design a Master Wu costume using stuff you find at KarateMart.com.

While we don't sell anything that can make you look like a yellow (though an onset of jaundice will give a distinct yellow glow to your skin), the combination of these items should make it obvious to anyone familiar with Lego Ninjago or who has seen The Lego Ninjago Movie that you are Master Wu, the wisecracking leader of the Secret Ninja Force:


First, you will need a White Kung Fu Uniform with Black Frog Buttons. Put on the jacket and pants like you would normally wear a kung fu uniform.


If you can't grow your own long silvery beard, you'll want to wear the beard and eyebrows from the Martial Arts Master Wig and Beard Set. The set also comes with a wig, which you can wear if you want. We have found, though, that if you have a bald yellow head (much like a LEGO minifigure) as our model does, operating without the wig will look more authentic.


The next thing to wear for this costume is the Deluxe Coolie Hat. Put it on your head


The final touch, which will be difficult if no weapons are allowed at the party/convention you're dressing up for, is a bo staff. We've chosen the Straight Red Oak Bo because it's thick and shows up easily on video. We do have a variety of oak bo staves that you can choose from for your costume.


Watch the video below to see the results:



You can use this costume for cosplay, Halloween, or LEGO-themed costume parties. If you've gone and made your own custom costume with uniforms and accessories found at KarateMart.com, feel free to send pictures and video to Social@KarateMart.com and we might feature you on our social media pages.

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