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Make Your Own Jedi Halloween Costume

Make Your Own Jedi Halloween Costume
KarateMart is helping you out with our series on Do-It-Yourself costumes using KarateMart.com uniforms, costumes, and accessories. Today, we've got a Jedi costume you can put together yourself.

If you like Star Wars, then you have more than likely waved your hand in front of your local grocery store's automatic doors to make it look like you've used the Force. However, without the proper Jedi look, you will seem like your average run-of-the-mill telekenetic. That's where KarateMart.com comes in. With just a few items from our warehouse, you can make your own Jedi costume with little trouble:


The most important part of this costume is a gray Shaolin Monk Robe. Put on the robes like you normally would.


Next, you will add a brown Kung Fu Sash and wrap it around your waist over the Shaolin Monk Robe. Not only is this like your classic Jedi, but even echoes what Rey from The Force Awakens wears.


While we don't sell lightsabers (either real or otherwise), we do sell staffs. This will be a nice touch if you can bring weapons to the party or Star Wars convention you're dressing up for. Our model used the Straight Red Oak Bo because it's thick and shows up easily on video, though we also have a variety of oak bo staffs that you can choose from for your costume.


Watch the video below to see the results:



You can use this costume for cosplay, Halloween, or Star Wars themed costume parties. If you've gone and made your own custom costume with uniforms and accessories found at KarateMart.com, feel free to send pictures and video to Social@KarateMart.com and we might feature you on our social media pages!

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caleb kotoka
10/21/17 - 3:54am
i need it know

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