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Be an Urban Ninja This Halloween

Be an Urban Ninja This Halloween

Halloween is coming, and it wouldn't hurt you to stand out with a cool Halloween costume. And that's where our selection of urban ninja costume gear can help. These costume accessories will allow you to mix and match to make your own unique urban ninja costume.


The most important piece of the urban ninja costume is the Urban Ninja Armor. This item covers your torso and arms and has a mesh pattern covered by pieces of black plastic armor. 


Next, you'll want a mask. The mask with the most in common with the Urban Ninja Armor is the Ninja Recon Mask. Both are made out of black plastic and the ninja recon mask covers up all of your face and even covers your eyes with a mesh pattern. Some other good options are the Deluxe Black Ninja Mask, which covers your whole head and most of your face, and the Ninja Half Mask, which covers just your mouth. You can combine either the Ninja Recon Mask or the Ninja Half Mask with the Ninja Face Mask to give your head that ninja look that covers up your hair and ears. Don't worry, you'll be able to breathe and shout "trick or treat!"


You're looking pretty good so far, but if you really want an authentic ninja look with the urban ninja costume, you can add some Ninja Tabi Boots. These have the split-toe design characteristic of ninjas (and ninja turtles). In addition to giving you a good look, the tabi boots also provide pretty good traction, which is helpful during those wet or slippery Halloween candy treks. Don't forget the Ninja Tabi Socks!


Another useful part of an urban ninja costume is gloves. The Tactical Ninja Gloves do a good job of matching the Urban Ninja Armor with its black plastic, though the Urban Ninja Gloves have the advantage of freeing up your fingers, which helps when you are trying to grab candy out of your Halloween goody bag.


The final urban part of this costume is the Urban Ninja Leg Armor. This covers part of your thighs, your knees, and most of your shins. The leg armor is made out of black plastic like the other parts of the urban ninja costume, and has adjustable straps.

But wait, there's more!

Even with all of this, the urban ninja costume isn't quite complete, as we haven't added pants and people definitely won't take you seriously as a ninja if all of your urban gear is matched by a pair of visible tidy whities. In many of the pictures we have featuring the Urban Ninja Costume (including the one at the top of this page) our model is wearing a Black Ninja Uniform. Another option is to wear a pair of black pants, like the Lightweight Karate Pants and some sort of long-sleeved black shirt.
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10/1/19 - 2:01pm
Wow, that's an epic costume.
11/13/19 - 8:57pm

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