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Make Your Own Iron Fist Halloween Costume

Make Your Own Iron Fist Halloween Costume

 Come see how to Make your own Iron Fist Costume with costumes and accessories available at KarateMart.com

We thought it prudent to give you some ideas for both Halloween and Cosplay. Here is the breakdown of how to make your own Iron Fist costume using the just what we sell at KarateMart and a sharpie.
Here's what you need and how to put it all together:


Start with the Green Ninja Uniform. For this costume, you only need to wear the pants and jacket. Tie the pants on like you normally would, but keep the jacket open. The more confident you are about your physique, the more open you should have the jacket. Tuck the open jacket into the pants.


Then get take a yellow Kung Fu Sash and wrap it around your waist over the green pants and jacket of the ninja uniform. Simple enough.


Next, take a set of yellow Boxing Handwraps and wrap them over your hands and wrists.


Next, take the hood from the Yellow Ninja Hood and Mask. We decided to modify the mask a little to be more faithful to the comics. Since the comics like to accentuate eyes with dark lines, modified the mask with a sharpie. We thought neck line might be a little low for a costume with an open chest and so we folded it back a little. You can either do the same or cut it with a pair of scissors.


The final step involves putting the Iron Fist symbol on your chest. If you draw the symbol on your chest with sharpie, non-toxic markers, grease paint, or henna, there's no risk of the symbol falling off. We opted for a sticker, though, because or model didn't want us to draw anything permanent on his chest. Once you put the symbol on, everything should be in place.


Watch the video below to see the results



You can use this costume for cosplay, Halloween, or Marvel-themed costume parties. If you've gone and made your own custom costume with uniforms and accessories found at KarateMart.com, feel free to send pictures and video to Social@KarateMart.com and we might feature you on our social media pages.

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Daniel Paczok
11/25/17 - 8:51pm
I made a completely different iron fist outfit using gear from here for my last convention

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