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New Lightweight Karate Uniform for the Modern Martial Artist

New Lightweight Karate Uniform for the Modern Martial Artist

Every year, we try to raise the bar by coming out with new products that put us on the map.  This year, we began sparring (no pun intended) with the idea of reimagining one of our best selling products, the lightweight student uniform.  After much time spent examining our previous uniforms and comparing them to other brands, we came up with what we feel is the perfect lightweight karate uniform for the modern martial artist.


We spared no expense when designing our new lightweight martial arts uniform.  At 7 ounces, the fabric is a little heavier than the average lightweight student uniform you will find from other companies, but we did that for several reasons. The biggest complaint we hear from martial artists about lightweight uniforms they buy from other companies is that they are so thin that you can practically see through them.  We knew that wasn't an option. 


In addition to the slightly heavier and more durable fabric, we reinforced the seams with extra stitching to ensure the uniform would last through the vigorous training a martial artist experiences.  To make the uniform as comfortable as possible, we measured and sized numerous brands to determine the best possible fit for each size available.  We truly took the lightweight student uniform back to the drawing board.


karate uniform with pockets


Perhaps the most exciting enhancement to our new martial arts uniform is the addition of hidden side pockets on the pants.  We know that by doing this, we will meet the occasional martial artist that believes this is not traditional enough for his or her taste, but we believe that the modern martial artist will really enjoy this added feature.  The pockets are hidden on the sides of the pants, so no one would even know they were there unless you decided to point them out.  For most of us, the ability to easily transport our keys or cell phone to the dojo makes this a huge advantage to other uniforms.


We know you are going to love our new uniform and honestly think that once you give it a try, you probably won't want to wear any other brand of uniform out there.  You can check out this new KarateMart exclusive uniform here.


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