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Modern Viking Axe and Other Lethal Weapons

Modern Viking Axe and Other Lethal Weapons
This week for Weapons Wednesday, I took a look at the Modern Viking Axe and made a huge mess of our studio while testing it out. I also spent some time reviewing and testing 4 other weapons. Watch the video to see my full reviews.

The first weapon I reviewed was the Sawback Survival Machete. I found this machete interesting because it had such a unique design to it. It is made from one very solid piece of metal and has a really strong sawtooth and guthook design that would allow you to cut trees or rope if you were in a survival situation. The only downside I found to this machete is that the handle might become uncomfortable and eventually cause blisters to form if you were to swing it too much. Make sure to watch the video to see my full review.

The next weapon I tested out was the Dark Damascus Butterfly Knife. This specific balisong has a CS:Go style curved handle, which is very popular nowadays. It is also held together using star screws instead of rivets, which has its advantages and disadvantages. There are certain things I look for when buying a balisong, so make sure to watch the video so that you can see what I thought of this one.

The third weapon I looked at was the Spearhead Survival Knife. We recently began adding more surival weapons to KarateMart.com and I really like this specific knife because it can be easily transformed into a spear. In addition to being such a versatile weapon, it is a very comfortable knife to hold because of it's black powdercoated finish. The finish also makes this knife more corrosion and rust resistant, which is very important when it comes to a survival knife that would be used primarily outdoors. Watch the video to see how easily this knife cuts through a pineapple.

The next weapons I looked at were the Toxic Skull Knuckle Duster and the Red Skull Knuckle Duster. Both of these interesting looking knuckle dusters are made from stainless steel and weigh around 6.5 ounces. I like them because they are comfortable to wear and have a really cool splatter design. Check out the video to see me test them out.

The last weapon I tested was the Modern Viking Axe. We are beginning to carry more viking related items on KarateMart.com, so I thought it would be a good idea to show off this new axe. I love it's modern design and really appreciate the fiber filled nylon handle because of it's incredible durability. I wanted to test this axe a little differently than normal, so I started with a pineapple and then tried out something I've never done before. Watch the video...it's worth it!

Here's the video:

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