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Modern Combat Knife and Other Deadly Blades

Modern Combat Knife and Other Deadly Blades
Welcome back to the studio! For this week's video, Amanda and Ian show off one of the best swords available at KarateMart.com, a new fixed blade knife that will fit seamlessly into your collection, and a folding knife so bad, we are not even going to carry it! Watch as they review and display these items, and make sure to check out the channel to vote for your favorite!

First up is the absolutely legendary Lone Wolf Samurai Sword. Crafted from a high grade T10 steel that has been authentically clay-tempered with the hamon to prove it, this sword is incredibly sharp and well put together. At only 2 pounds 3 ounces, this katana is one of the lightest, and yet sturdiest that we've shown on a Weapons Wednesday, and it have such a beautifully decorated handle as well as the howling wolf on the tsuba. Everything about this sword sets it apart from the pack, and you'll be just as excited as Ian and Amanda to see it unveiled and shown off to the camera.

Next up is the incredibly practical and tactical Modern Combat Tanto! This knife will help you with any task you need, because it has over a quarter-inch of full tang D2 tool steel to work with. Great for everyday carry and making mincemeat out of any material, this sharpened stinger blade has the pointed tip and stonewashed finish to make it a real looker. Plus it comes with one of the best kinds of composite sheaths around, which is form-fitted to this blade and snaps into place around it. The sheath also has an adjustable clip that allows you to get a secure fit no matter what kind of gear you're wearing. With a thick knife like this, there is no task that it can't handle, and you'll be happy it have it's handle by your side!

The third knife shown off this week was so poorly designed that we didn't bother to give it a name or carry it on our website! While we get many samples from manufacturers that are just fine, sometimes great, this one just didn't hit the mark. So, that keeps this week's episode short and sweet, but keep checking back at KarateMart.com for all of the awesome weapons that are getting added!

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