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New Mortal Kombat: Legacy Webisode Is Best One Yet

Finally! This episode brings back the dark, somber tone set in the original Mortal Kombat 'trailer' from Kevin Tancharoen. Oh, and did I call it in last week's Blog post or what? So it would probably be a good idea to check out this post even if you haven't the faintest idea what Mortal Kombat is. You never know what predictions I'll make that will come true...

**Warning** This is another one of those 'violent' episodes that some parents might not want their kids to be watching. You have been warned.

I know things lacked a little in the 'Kombat' aspect of things but c'mon! At least he makes punching bags out of some nurses. You gotta love the brooding realism Tancharoen brings to the table with this series. Where else would the Thunder God be subjected to a lobotomy but in this series I ask you?

I was starting to flounder a little after the last two episodes but this one has me right back into it. I really hope things start to tie together a little now. I would also like some ninja weapons please. And some Sub-Zero.

(If Sub-Zero appears in next weeks episode I'm totally hitting the race track. 'So long KarateMart Blog!' I'll exclaim, as I skip down the street throwing dollar bills high into the air, careful not to dislodge my carefully affixed monocle.)

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