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Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Product Review

Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Product Review

The Wing Chun wooden dummy has been used for 1000's of years in traditional Chinese martial arts training.  Historically, they are very large and impractical to own, but the foot-print of our free standing model allows it to comfortably fit in almost any training space.  This modern dummy has 3 arms and 1 leg that represent various body positions and lines of force.  Watch the video below to see how this dummy is constructed and check it out on our website here.

For many, the easiest way to own one of these training tools was to build it yourself, as it's size and weight made it difficult to find and to transport. We've worked with our manufacturer to solve those problems and now have an effective Wing Chun dummy that can be shipped to your door.  Simply assemble the base, attach the post and arms, and you're ready to enjoy a traditional piece of martial arts training equipment for yourself and your students!


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8/26/15 - 6:48pm
How much is the wooden dummy?(br /)(br /) Hi Fabian, the current price and availability of the wooden dummy is right (a href="https://www.karatemart.com/free-standing-wing-chun-wooden-dummy")HERE(/a)
Johnathan cruz
2/19/16 - 8:00am
I recently ordered a ninja suit from here and I am very VERY VERY VERY SATISFIED thank-you very much karate mart and if anyone is wondering if they should buy one there's really no words for it I could sit here and type why you should all day I prefer you just find out your self it's just that Worth it.

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