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Stealth Weapons to Use at Night!

Stealth Weapons to Use at Night!
This week on Weapons Wednesday, we took a look at some of our newest stealth weapons that would be ideal for carrying at night. We tested everything from small concealable weapons to heavy duty knives. Check out the video to see what weapons we showed off!

For the first weapon this week, I reviewed the Midnight Tracker Karambit. I was initially confused why this weapon was a combination between two different weapons, but I figured out the reason as soon as I saw the blade. Not only does this knife have the traditional karambit style blade, it also has a plain edge that turns this into a tracker knife! The knife is constructed out of 3CR13 stainless steel and has black thermoplastic scales that provide a really comfortable grip. The ring on the pommel is also very large, but the only downside is that there is a bottle opener near the ring that makes it uncomfortable to transition from reverse to extended grip. Overall though, it was a very unique weapon! See the video to hear all the details about this weapon.

Next, we took a look at the Carbon Fiber Knuckle Duster and the Carbon Fiber 2-Finger Knuckles that are only available on KOMBATIV.com. I was waiting for the day that we finally showed these off! They are my favorite types of knuckles since they are stronger and lighter than metal knuckle dusters as well as being corrosion resistant as well. The regular carbon fiber knuckle dusters feature the rounded four knuckle portions that you typically see, compared to the 2-finger version that has two pointed knuckles and a smaller palm guard. Both were able to stand up to a lot of abuse, even a cinder block! With their weights being under 4 ounces, it is very easy to keep them in your pocket until you need it at a moments notice. View the video see these amazing knuckles in action.

The third weapon that I tested was the Hand Forged Short Sword. Despite having a very nice leather sheath, it was obvious to see my disappointment once I saw the blade. Even though the sword is hand forged, the curve of the blade looked terrible. The sword itself was one solid piece of carbon steel, but it was so thin that it made the grip uncomfortable. With the thinness of the blade, I expected better leather wrapping but it was very poor quality as well. When I tried to use this sword, it was so uncomfortable and painful that I made the executive decision to not sell this weapon. I also had Amanda in the video for a little bit to have her give her thoughts on the sword itself and she agreed with my decision. Watch the video to see how awful this weapon is!

Following the disappointment of the third weapon was the Dark Gladius Dagger. Right off the bat, I was already much more impressed with this weapon. It had a very nice sheath, but an even better blade! This dagger is constructed out of 1065 high carbon steel that makes it very strong, has excellent wear resistance and is also easy to sharpen. The dagger also has a very comfortable rubberized thermoplastic handle that gave me excellent control over the blade. The pommel spike was also a great addition too since it could be used as an additional weapon. The most interesting part of it though was that I was able to throw it! See the video to watch my full review of the product.

The final weapon that was showcased was the Black Ops Trench Knife. This weapon really wowed me in my personal opinion. Not only is the blade made out of 1065 high carbon steel with a black finish, it also has a very steep and sharp tanto tip. With that, I was able to stab, slice and cut with ease (poor wing chun dummy!). The cast metal handguard also made it very comfortable to use as knuckle dusters and gave me excellent control of the weapon in general. The pommel spike was also very durable and strong that could be an excellent secondary weapon if needed. Overall, I think this may be my favorite weapon of the day. View the video to see what I'm talking about!

Here's the video:

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