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The Best Hidden Weapons

The Best Hidden Weapons
Hidden weapons come in all sorts of types. Finding out the best secret weapon can be difficult. But today, KarateMart.com will guide you through the different considerations when it comes to hidden weapons, whether you want a hidden self-defense weapon or you just want something cool to carry around on the sly.

The primary advantage to wearable weapons is that you don't have to actually hold them in your hands to keep them on your person. You can carry a neck knife like the Split Blade Neck Knife or Gold Blade Tactical Neck Knife, which have sheathes that connect to an actual necklace you can put around your neck in the most fashionable of ways. If you want to wear something a little more concealed, the Hidden Belt Knife looks like a regular non-bladed belt until you pull out the knife. Surprise!

Our ever-popular Stealth Cat Ring is also wearable, though it's a little difficult to keep it on all the time like a regular ring (unless you have really big fingers or put it on your thumb). The cool thing about the cat-themed ring weapon is that using it requires you to wear it. If you can't handle possibly having the kakute ring in your pocket, you could always get the Steel Defense Ring, which comes with a metal necklace that you can wear until you need it.

Sometimes the best way to hide a weapon is in plain sight. Our utility weapons have dual functions in addition to their deadlier properties. The Travelers Sword Cane functions as a cane that you can really use to help you walk. The Businessman Pen Knife is a real, working pen (which writes beautifully, by the way) and happens to have a hidden blade. The Concealed Umbrella Sword protects you from both the rain and attacks by ninja henchmen.

Our purse weapons are those hidden weapons that masquerade as an item you might find in a purse. Sometimes ladies like to comb their hair on the go, which is why they carry a comb in their purse. This makes a Tactical Comb Knife perfect. Like the utility weapons, this knife has a function (combing your hair). Meanwhile, the Hidden Lipstick Knife (which also comes in red and blue) is only pretending to be a lipstick applicator (also found in purses) and the Hidden Key Knife will not open any locks (as far as we can tell, anyway), but it sure looks like it would to the unassuming bystander.

Sometimes all you need is a weapon you can put in your pocket. The Hidden Cigarette Knife appears to be a metal cigarette and hides a little blade. The Hidden Throwing Spikes Kubotan appears to be a simple kubotan (which, yes, is also a weapon), but the secret throwing spikes that are stored inside make this much deadlier.

Meanwhile, the hidden credit card knife doesn't look exactly like a credit card (since it doesn't have numbers on it), but it easily transforms into a weapon of self-defense. They are also available in a pink version.

Which hidden weapon is your favorite? Comment Below!

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