Hand-Carved Defense Cane

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Hand-Carved Defense Cane
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Hand-Carved Defense Cane

Price: $39.95
Carrying a self-defense weapon is an excellent precaution against those who may threaten your safety, but common self-defense weapons like guns and knives aren't always practical or legal to carry in every location. This Hand-Carved Defense Cane is a self-defense weapon that you can carry with you nearly anywhere! This handmade wooden cane has an elegant bird handle that doubles as a personal defense weapon, perfect for assisting your gait or protecting yourself!

At first glance, this beautiful hand carved cane appears to be an ordinary wooden walking stick, but each of its intricately carved details serves a hidden self-defense purpose. The shaft has a twisted spiral shape and with a textured section of knurling near the handle. The bird handle resembles the gracefully curved neck of a loon or swan with a tastefully etched back, beak, and eyes. The beak, however, is more than just a mere artistic touch. Gripping the spiral shaft, the grooves of the spiral and diamond knurling serving to enhance your hold, you can engage an attacker with this walking stick weapon at long or short range! The pointed beak can dig into an assailant's sensitive joints and nerves and the curved neck can be used to hook, trap, or deliver punishing bludgeoning attacks. The etchings on the 5 inch handle provide a secure grip whether you are using this wooden cane weapon as a walking aid or as a striking weapon!

This martial arts cane is designed as both an effective everyday carry weapon as well as a functional walking stick. This personal defense cane is just slightly longer than a standard cane and has a rubber cap at the end. At 37 inches long, this self-defense walking stick can be used while standing up or while seated in a wheelchair. Weighing 12.6 ounces, this bird handle cane is sturdy enough to provide walking assistance without being too heavy to wield as a weapon. Each one of these walking stick weapons is crafted from eucalyptus wood and is painted and carved by hand. Because these wooden self defense canes are hand-painted and hand-carved, each one of these unique cane weapons will be slightly different from another. The shaft has a rich brown stain that is smooth to the touch, while the bird head handle is painted with a dark black color. Although this hand-carved walking stick can serve as a self-defense weapon, you can carry it with you almost anywhere you go. As you pass through the places you frequent the most, you can travel assured knowing that you have a personal protection weapon available when you need it!

These hidden self-defense canes are portable, easy to conceal in plain sight, and have a lovely unique design. These handcrafted wooden canes would make excellent everyday carry weapons for those who you want to arm with the ability to defend themselves or for those who simply appreciate the beauty of hand-carved walking sticks. Get one of these Hand-Carved Defense Canes today!

Hand Carved Defense Cane Highlights:

  • Handmade from Eucalyptus Wood
  • Spiral Shaft with Knurled Grips
  • Beautiful Bird Handle with Pointed Beak
  • Rich Brown Colored Stain
  • Black Hand-Painted Handle
  • Rubber Cap at Bottom
  • Cane Length: 37 inches (approx.)
  • Handle Length: 5 inches (approx.)
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces (approx.)
  • Unique - Hand Carved and Painted
  • Great Everyday Carry Weapon!

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