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Self-Defense Hammer Spray

Price: $54.95
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Self-Defense Hammer Spray
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Self-Defense Hammer Spray

Price: $54.95
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Running is great for you, and it shouldn't be a dangerous activity (watch for sand on the sidewalk!). Unfortunately, it is all too common to hear about attacks happening to vulnerable runners who sometimes don't carry their phones or anything else as they clock the miles. Having an effective weapon like the Self Defense Hammer Spray can come to the rescue in a time of need.

This pepper spray has multiple elements to keep you safe and to help in case of an attack while out on the trail, road, or track. It is favored for it's long range ability to disarm an assailant, sending a stream of irritant that can incapacitate someone for up to 45 minutes. The dye has a UV reactant to stain an assailant for long after, leaving a tale-tell mark that shows up under special lighting. These bottles are replaceable, so you can keep using the same personal protection weapon for many miles to come.

The metal housing of this pepper spray is made from a military-grade aluminum that is smooth with deep finger ridges. The pointed striking tip is no-nonsense, as it is extremely spiked and durable. The tip has special grooves designed to capture DNA, so even a brush against someone's skin will leave a sample that can be taken to the authorities.

As with all self-defense or every day carry items, it is important to know how to use them. With pepper spray, it is as simple as moving the locking tab mechanism and pointing it in the right direction. The sight of mace can easily make any would-be assailants think twice before getting too close, as you never know how far a spray can fly. It comes with a sturdy carrying case that can latch onto your belt, and a nylon cord wrist strap for making sure you don't drop it accidently. Grab this lightweight and super effective pepper spray for the ultimate protection while you're out on a run!

Self-Defense Hammer Spray Highlights:

  • Made in the USA
  • Military-Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Available with Black or Red Finish
  • Extremely Irritating Pepper Spray with Lock
  • UV Reactive Dye Additive
  • Adjustable Corded Wrist Strap
  • Spiked Tip with DNA Collection Grooves
  • Overall Length: 6 1/4" (approx.)
  • Handle Diameter: 1 1/8" (approx.)
  • Spike Length: 1.75" (approx.)
  • Overall Weight: 5.1oz (approx.)
  • Cannister is Replaceable When Empty
  • Included Black Padded Carrying Case
  • Easy to Hold Contoured Finger Grooves
  • Great Long and Short Range Defense Weapon

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  • California Consumers:
     WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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"I run a community moms group that meets frequently in our community called Strollin' Mamas. I felt very insecure about always taking my handgun, and realized that not all women or mothers in our group were accustomed or favorable to carrying a gun. After Meeting Rich at an Event in our little community of Winnemucca, I became extremely more self confident in knowing I now have an opportunity to share with the moms, but also to feel more secure and safe for me and our children. More moms have began joining the group events and expressed how much safer they feel knowing its an alternative from a bullet, an easier alternative of safety. Super proud to be a HAMMER SPRAY fan & carrier."
Written By: Ashley Davis
7/25/23 - 7:45pm
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