Wooden Tai Chi Sword

Price: $32.95
Wooden Tai Chi Sword
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Wooden Tai Chi Sword

Price: $32.95
Wooden tai chi swords are a great way to practice taichi weapon kata safely. Take your training to the next level with this Wooden Tai Chi Sword, giving you all of the weapon you need without the dangerous part.

This hardwood tai chi sword is about 36 inches long, and is carved from natural hardwood. The natural grain is sanded but unfinished, making it a perfect practice sword for your kata routines. The dull double blade edge reaches 29 inches long, with the handle guard reaching a maximum width of 4.25 inches. At just 10.8 ounces, this lightweight wooden longsword will not weigh down your practice or wear out your muscles, so you can focus on your form and technique. It can easily be fastened to a belt sash, tucked into a uniform at the shoulder blades, or stacked into your gear bag for travel.

Tai Chi is seen as an internal martial art, and ancient Chinese practice that concentrates on the motion of body and footwork. But what martial art wouldn't benefit from the addition of a sword?! Tai Chi swords, or jians, increase the difficulty of the movements, and bring the history of this fighting form to life. Using a Tai Chi sword means learning to control a long narrow double-edged blade while moving slowly, which is not nearly as easy as it looks. When facing an opponent, the objective is to move your wooden jian around to avoid the attacking weapon, making contact with the body of your enemy to show where you would have been able to strike. Since this wooden blade is dull, you can demonstrate your footwork and deliver contact without fear of slicing up your sparring partner.

While some wooden sparring swords are elaborately decorated, this hardwood training sword has some modest carvings on the handle, but nothing too flashy to take away from the focus on form. Bring this wooden practice weapon to your dojo to work on your seemingly other worldly footwork, then attack your opponent when they least expect it! Reach inside to master the self while mastering this wooden Tai Chi sword on the outside.

Wooden Tai Chi Sword Highlights:

  • Carved Single Piece of Hardwood
  • Sanded Natural Grain
  • Total Length: 36 5/8" (approx.)
  • Blade Length: 29" (approx.)
  • Handle Guard: 4.25" x 2" (approx.)
  • Total Weight: 10.8 oz (approx.)
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Narrow 1.125" Blade to a Dull Point
  • Practice for Tai Chi and more
  • Jian-Style Training Sword

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