Wrapped Handle Wooden Sword

Price: $26.95
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Wrapped Handle Wooden Sword

Price: $26.95
Did you read the disclaimer?:
The Wrapped Handle Wooden Sword is the wood practice katana that looks and feels like a real samurai sword! This natural wood bokken is 39.25 inches and made from dense ironwood. Weighing just over 1 pound, this wooden daito is lightweight and perfect for beginners and cosplayers. The natural color and smooth finish reduce the risk of splinters while engaging in light swordplay or practicing your kata; After all, there's nothing worse than being in the zone, only to be pulled out of it by a tiny, pesky wooden dagger piercing your skin. This hardwood sword has wrapped handle, giving it the look of an authentic katana.

The 3-inch tan plastic tsuba makes this training weapon feel even more realistic. A white rubber guard is included to keep the tsuba in place; You wouldn't want your handguard sliding along the wood blade of your training weapon while you're trying to concentrate on your form. The iron wood samurai sword is a great choice for those who are looking for a practice weapon that can be used for things like training exercises for beginners, such as light sparring to master technique and form. It's also perfect for theater, cosplay, Halloween, or any other role playing or demonstration purpose. This wooden weapon is a safe way to wield a katana without the risk and cost that comes with a razor sharp samurai sword. And when your skills are sharper, you can upgrade to that hand-forged katana you've been dreaming about.

Product Highlights:

  • Looks Like a Real Samurai Sword: What sets this wooden sword apart from hardwood bokken you might use for tougher practice, this training weapon has the details of a traditional katana. The brown cord wrapping on the 10.25-inch handle is woven in the same way you see on the real ray skin handles of samurai swords. When you wield this iron wood replica, you'll feel like you're holding the handle of an authentic Japanese katana. The cord wrap also provides a secure grip during swordplay and training exercises. The wrapping paired with the 3-inch plastic tsuba provides the true to life experience that many wielders want.
  • Safe Practice and Demonstration Tool: The blunt, rounded edges on the wood blade of this training weapon won't be cutting anything anytime soon. While this isn't sought after in battle ready samurai swords, the blunted blade of this sword is perfect for safe wielding. The smooth finish reduces the risk of splinters, because a weapon that constantly stabs you with wooden needles isn't very safe, is it?
  • Unlimited Versatility:The possibilities are endless; This hardwood daito can be used in the place of a real katana for any activity that requires a realistic looking, safer stand-in. At 1 pound, this bokken is lighter than some wooden training swords, making it great for children and cosplayers who don't want to lug around a heavy prop for hours. That being said, this lightweight wooden weapon is not recommended for heavy duty sword practice or hitting against hard objects.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the wood varies in color from sword to sword. The wood may be darker than shown in the picture.

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