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Stonewashed Viking Axe

Price: $39.95
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Stonewashed Viking Axe
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Stonewashed Viking Axe

Price: $39.95
Are you in the midst of protecting your brood? Or have you recently heard tales of the other settlement mobilizing to come steal your crops and livestock? Then you can put down the sword of Odin and pick up the Stonewashed Viking Axe to defend your plot of land! Holding this axe, you'll have a free hand to grab a shield or to strike with your fists as you swing and chop with this Nordic weapon!

But really, this full tang stainless steel bearded axe is a great tactical tool to have around, because it is beautifully decorated, lightweight, and razor sharp. The steel axe head and handle shaft have a marbled effect known as 'stonewashing', where the steel is tumbled with other materials. This is almost like antiquing the steel, giving it a weathered look on a weapon that is brand new. Along with the aged steel is the Celtic knots embossed along the back of the blade's edge. These intricate decorations have a history as long as a Viking's beard, but let's just say it is similar to having a dragon on a katana, where the power of the print will bring good luck and strong fighting to whoever holds the ax.

You will grab this battle ax from the 7-inch black Pakkawood handle, two scores that run along both sides of the steel to give you a smooth and sanded grip. The bottom knob has a hole to fit a cord through, so you can hang this ax from your Viking belt or keep it attached to your wrist. The bearded blade 6 inches long and so sharp it can probably cut through time itself. And if that weren't enough, protruding from the back of the ax head is a double pronged spike, flat with two points like a 'W' that is designed for puncturing armor, breaking through ice, and maybe even through stone! Swinging the spikes around will cause significant damage, as if the sharp steel blade of this 14.5-inch long bearded hatchet wasn't enough.

At a highly manageable weight of 27 ounces, this ornately decorated one-handed Viking weapon can be used to chop up things around your fortress, albeit maybe not actual lumber, but the extra-fine edge will do a great deal of slicing. It will serve you well when you pack it into the woven nylon sheath and carry it out to the Highlands or the fjords, giving you ample cutting abilities while not relying solely on your smaller pocket knife. Or keep this beautifully embossed Stonewashed Viking Axe hanging on your wall, to honor the ancestors who fought for the land to which you tend.

Stonewashed Viking Axe Highlights:

  • Stainless Steel with Stonewashed Finish
  • Full Tang Weapon with Black PakkaWood Handle
  • Razor Sharp Bearded Axe Blade
  • Dual Pronged Axe Butt Spikes
  • Ornate Celtic Embossments Along Axe Head
  • Axe Weight: approx. 1 lb 11 oz
  • Total Length: approx. 14 1/2"
  • Blade Length: approx. 6"
  • Wooden Handle Grip: approx. 7"
  • Axe Head Length: approx. 6 3/8" (with prongs)
  • Fitted Black Woven Nylon Sheath
  • Snapping Fasteners and Belt Loop on Sheath
  • Machined Hole for Lanyard on Knob
  • Extremely Tough Steel Handle and Sharp Blade
  • Excellent Addition to Your Outdoor Equipment

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