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Steel Monkey Fist Keychain
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Steel Monkey Fist Keychain

The steel monkey fist keychain is one of our favorite self defense weapons because of it's simple design, ease of use, and effectiveness. Concealed within the tightly wound, nylon, "Monkey Fist" knot is a hardened, 1" steel ball bearing. Attached to the 1 1/4" split-ring is a 4.5" leash that's long enough to put a nasty swing on this weapon.

It looks so innocent and unassuming, but this miniature wreaking ball can re-arrange an attackers world in a split second. The moment you hold it in your hand you will instinctively realize it's skull cracking power.

We promise that you'll be impressed. No skill required to use - just start swinging. If an attacker tries to block with their hand, they'll have a broken hand.
Price: $7.95
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"This thing is a wrecking ball. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's huge. I'd be very comfortable being in a fight with this. Very. "
Written By: SNKRS
1/2/13 - 8:34pm
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