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Railroad Spike Fist Blade

Price: $24.95
Railroad Spike Fist Blade
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Railroad Spike Fist Blade

Price: $24.95
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The Railroad Spike Fist Blade is a hand forged hook blade that celebrates the history of railway transportation and the ingenuity of blacksmiths and ironworkers. Instead of throwing away the rail spikes, they were often made into rail spike knives so as not to waste the valuable metal. This handmade fixed blade knife is made from carbon steel, maintaining and taking advantage of the durability of the old steel railroad spikes. The spiral handle transitions into a hooked blade with a sharpened edge, maintaining the integrity of the railroad spike while hammering the blade by hand to create a strong, 6-inch, razor sharp fist blade knife. This knife is solid; When you grasp the handle, you can feel the 12.8 ounces of solid metal that erases all doubt you may have had about this novelty knife being a functional weapon. The skillfully honed curved edge can slash and gut with the best of them. The real cowhide leather sheath fits over the blade snugly, so using the belt loop to carry your weapon on your waist allows the blade to sit in the sleeve with the twisted handle exposed and ready to grab if a bar fight breaks out or a dark figure approaches in an alley. This steel knife can also be used in survival situations for outdoor tasks. Of course, you don't have to use this hand crafted fist knife as a weapon. It's a unique conversation piece that can be displayed in your home, office, or anywhere else you see fit. These hooked railway spike knives are sought after by collectors and history buffs, and they make great gifts. Whatever you choose to do with this railroad spike knife, you can be sure it's one of a kind.

Product Highlights:

  • Handmade and Unique: Each railway spike knife is hand forged, so you know you're getting a one of a kind weapon. The blade is hammered and sharpened by hand, and the spiral handle keeps the integrity of the original railroad spike intact. These are often considered to be novelty knives and are highly sought after by collectors for their historical, handmade aesthetic.
  • Carbon Steel Construction: The entire 6-inch fixed blade knife is made from 12.8 ounces of carbon steel, making it strong and durable. Solid steel and iron were used in railway construction, and those properties work well in forging weapons that last. This hand forged fist blade is fully functional, so if you choose to use it for self-defense or survival you're well-equipped.
  • Real Leather Sheath: The handsome sheath is handcrafted from genuine cowhide leather and is custom made to fit the hook blade perfectly. The convenient belt loop allows the knife to be worn on your waist, while the snug fit means the weapon won't slip from it's brown sheath and possibly cause injury. The handle hangs on the outside of the leather sleeve, so it's easily accessible.

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