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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Martial Arts

At KarateMart.com we understand that there are people out there who do not understand why we love martial arts. For us, it is more than a workout routine, it is a lifestyle. Here are 10 reasons why we chose martial arts and why others should try a martial art.

1. Learn Life Skills

One of the greatest aspects of martial arts training is the life skills it instills in its students. Focus, courtesy, respect and goal setting are just some of the basic skills you can expect to gain. In addition to these skills you can also expect to find inner peace and a higher level concentration.

2. Fitness

Martial arts training provides a great opportunity to get in shape and enjoy doing it! Whether you are looking to boost your cardio or shed some pounds, martial arts provides a fun and exciting way to meet your fitness goals.

3. Self-Defense

In today’s society, we want to know our children are safe and we can protect our families if necessary. Martial arts curriculum will enable children to understand what to do if dangerous situations occur and give them the confidence to deal with tough issues such as bullies and stranger awareness. Children will also learn to control a dangerous situation and how to handle one if it does occur.

4. Individual Achievement

In the martial arts, nobody sits on the bench! Unlike some other traditional sports, martial arts training is not a team activity, your over all achievement is decided by you alone. Martial Artists strive to become better than they were the day before and not be judged by the performance of the person standing next to them. Individuals are challenged and pushed to achieve their own personal best. In a way, it is fair to say that Martial Artist are the top Athlete because they do not rely on others to achieve a goal.

5. Achieve Goals

The built-in system of earning belts teaches setting and achieving goals and it instills the discipline of hard work. The rewards will last a lifetime!

6. Experience a Family Bonding Activity

One of the most exciting aspects of training is it’s an experience the whole family can enjoy together. What other activities offer this type of opportunity? Martial arts is a wonderful and positive activity for the young and the young at heart. Your entire family can go through the process of earning belts and learning something together.

7. Join a Social Network of Positive People

The saying goes, “It takes a community to raise a child.” Martial arts training is a great way to surround yourself with positive influences that will have a lasting impact on your family.

8. Carry on a Tradition

Martial arts training has been around for centuries, so you become a part of something special and to help carry on the tradition and philosophies.

9. Learn About Other Cultures

Training is a great way to learn about and experience other cultures. If you are truly tying to master a martial art, you will likely read about and watch movies on that particular martial art.

10. Have Fun

There are many serious sides to training; however, the best part of training is how much fun it will be. Part of that fun may include tournaments and other martial art events.

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